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When you help us get the word out you also help people protect their years of valuable data. This is a program you can feel great about!

How our Referral Program Works

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You earn 15% of each purchase
Every time someone uses your referral link to make a qualifying purchase, you'll earn 15% of the total amount they paid. We’ll use PayPal to send payments to your ‘destination’ email address. (Want PayPal payments sent to a different email address or your favorite charity? Change it on your Referral Dashboard )
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Terms, conditions and restrictions apply. Please read the Referral Program Agreement for complete details.

Referral Program FAQs

The VaultMe Referral Program is a revenue sharing program where anyone who has used VaultMe services (that's you!) can earn money when another customer makes a qualifying purchase of a VaultMe service using your referral link.

There is no cost to you to participate!
Please contact
It's easy! Just go to your Referral Dashboard
It’s dead simple: You share the referral link (found on your Referral Dashboard ), and for every person who clicks the link and completes a qualifying VaultMe purchase, you make 15%, paid via PayPal! (Read the full Referral Program Agreement here.)
As long as you can receive PayPal payments, you’ll get paid. There’s nothing else you need to do.

Pro tip: Make sure the PayPal email address we have on file is the one you want payments to go to by visiting your Referral Dashboard
No problem! We'll send money via PayPal to your email address. You can easily accept the money and sign up for PayPal then. Or, if you'd like, you can Sign up for PayPal now (opens in a new browser tab)
We will send any earned referral fees via PayPal to the destination account email address we have on file from the first time you used VaultMe.

You can use the Referral Dashboard to change, update, or verify the email address to which we will send PayPal payments.
No problem! Just visit your Referral Dashboard and update the payment address. Note that changes made after we start processing payments (typically in the first 15 days of each month) won't take effect until the following month.
If you have an email address where you know the charity accepts PayPal payments, you can update your payment address on your Referral Dashboard to have us send the payment to the charity of your choice!

If you don't have the email address of your favorite charity, no problem! Just go to PayPal's Charity Finder and find your favorite charity. Then, copy and paste the URL of the charity's PayPal page into the "A donation will be sent via PayPal to:" section. (Don't worry if it's not an email address - it just has to be a valid PayPal destination)
Sorry, at this time payment is made by PayPal only.
No problem! Simply Contact Us and we'll remove you.
Of course our lawyer has gathered all of the nitty-gritty details in the Referral Program Agreement but bottom line is yes, you’ll get 15% of each qualifying purchase made using your referral link. A qualifying purchase does not include:
  • A free, trial, or test use of our product;
  • Your self-use of our product;
  • Special pricing given to bulk or wholesale buyers (usually a school or large business).

Some things to note:
  • You are limited to a total of $50,000 in payments under this program;
  • Payments could take up to 45 days after the end of the quarter the qualifying purchase was made; this allows us time for processing and to help prevent abuse;
  • PayPal may charge a small fee to the recipient of each payment we make;
  • We reserve the right to cancel your referral link and withhold any payments if we decide that you have breached the Referral Program Agreement
You can check your Referral Dashboard any time to see the number of clicks and purchases attributed to your referral link. If you ever want details about specific dates where qualified purchases took place, just send us a request and we'll prepare and send you a report.
You'll receive your payments within 45 days of the end of the quarter where a qualified purchase is made using your referral link. For example, if someone you refer uses your link to pay and completes their transfer by June 20, then we will transfer your earned payment by August 15 (e.g., 45 days after the end of the quarter where the services were purchased).

For clarity, payments will be made on the following schedule:
  • May 15 for qualified purchases made Jan 1 thru Apr 30
  • Aug 15 for qualified purchases made Apr 1 thru Jun 30
  • Nov 15 for qualified purchases made Jul 1 thru Sep 30
  • Feb 15 for qualified purchases made Oct 1 thru Dec 31
PayPal handles this, and will send you a 1099 if required (usually if you make over $600).
We update the image and content from time to time, but here's an example:
You can "construct" your own referral link by appending ?rc=[your-5-digit-link] to any valid VaultMe page url.

For example, if your referral link is, but you would like to share a link to the How to Change Gmail Address article, sharing the following link will ensure you will get credit for the referral. (Right-click and open in private browsing window for demo):

Important Note: Sharing the above link in a Facebook or Twitter post will not display the same promotional image and text that sharing your normal link will. Further, while unlikely, it's possible the URL of a page may change or move in the future, so construct these links at your own risk.
VaultMe uses cookies to track the use of referral links. If a user has cookies disabled or uses other technology to interfere with our tracking, then the referral link will not be tracked, and you will not get credit for the qualified purchase.
No, we do not offer a “multi-level” referral program.

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