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We create exceptional migration solutions

Every item of every account matters

We all face changes in life, school, and business that open new opportunities for success. During such changes, we believe that nobody should have to worry about losing their essential email, documents, content, and other records when leaving an online account behind.

That's why we obsess over every detail to ensure that VaultMe is the fastest and most precise solution to migrate precious content between online accounts.

With VaultMe, you can feel safe changing your email address for personal reasons, graduating from college, or moving your business to a new online collaboration system.

Our growing team of product designers, software engineers, cloud-services specialists, and security experts work together to deliver you the safest and most seamless migration on planet Earth.

No matter if you are an individual user, a university, a small business, or a Fortune 500 company, you can be confident that we continually improve VaultMe to deliver the most effective and delightful migration experience possible.

We're passionate about helping people and organizations leap forward to new horizons with their content fully intact

Get going with VaultMe! Setup is free and easy

With VaultMe, you can safely and quickly migrate your content between Google, Microsoft, and other email platforms with ease. VaultMe's online setup is free and only takes a minute or two. You'll be able to confirm that your email accounts work, see what content will migrate, how long the auto-migration will take, and precisely what your migration will cost.

Walk step-by-step through all options and pricing. No spam. Nothing to download. No sign-up required.
"Literally saved me about 40-50 hours worth of manual labor."
Colin D.
Administrator, Migrated faculty-member's Google account
"Brilliant service... The customer support for all the queries I had were great. I couldn't have asked for more."
Lisette B.
Migrated work account
"A beautiful and efficient way of saving all your hard work WITHOUT having to organize it."
Brianna C.
Migrated college Gmail account