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User Onboarding: Solved. User Offboarding: Solved. Migrate your Client's user base to an entirely new email platform asap: Solved.
Learn how VaultMe can propel your IT consulting practice.

Try VaultMe for Admins
VautlMe for Admins
Or, connect with a Migration Pro to see if VaultMe can help your IT practice. If so, setup is quick and easy.

Automagically migrate your clients' user accounts within and across cloud-based systems

VaultMe migrates fully-organized content between accounts on various email collaboration systems. It's precisely engineered to reduce End User downtime so you can improve productivity and move your Clients forward without disruption. VaultMe supports...

… and more!

Save your Clients from paying for suspended user accounts

Many email productivity systems continue to charge monthly fees for suspended accounts, even though the employees that used those accounts have already left. Over time, this adds up. VaultMe empowers you to eliminate these monthly charges. You can migrate email, files, contacts, and calendars to different successor accounts and replace these suspended accounts with an email forwarding address instead.

Perform bespoke End User account migrations for your Clients

Need to move data for one or more individuals between accounts? VaultMe gets it done quickly with incredibly precise and fully-auditable results.

Easily plan and execute larger-scale, business-critical account migrations

It's vital that everything go smoothly during a business-critical enterprise migration. You can rely on VaultMe to handle the automated work so you can focus on your Client's networks, end user device configurations, communication, user training, and support. Put 'migration mayhem' to rest. With VaultMe by your side, you can deliver incredible results for your Clients.




Quickly connect VaultMe to the services, domains, and to-be-migrated user accounts. Easily check that everything is ready to go for each account.


VaultMe scans all to-be-migrated accounts in advance and provides predictive analytics with incredibly accurate migration times.


Schedule migrations in advance so you can move on to prepare your communication and switchover plans for users, networks, and devices.



Initial Migration

VaultMe moves mountains of data in the background while users continue working as normal. Every item is indexed and auditable.

Sync-Up Migrations

Use VaultMe to perform interim sync-up migrations to fetch all recent changes from the source accounts.

Switch Over End Users

Once ready, your team can now switch over client networks, devices, and end users so they can get to work in their new accounts.


Audit & Clean Up

Item-level Reporting

VaultMe tracks every single item from source accounts to ensure you can identify exactly what happened during the migration.

Clean Up

Archive source data and clean up the accounts that were left behind. Automated tools are available if you need them.

Support, if you need it

Our team of migration professionals have a passion for perfection. We're here for you throughout your process if and when you need us.

VaultMe leverages machine learning, auto-scaling cloud services, precise engineering, modern user experience design, industry-leading security, and a passion for perfection.
Exactly the migration solution you need to serve your Clients.

How VaultMe supports your IT consulting practice

Migration superpowers

We put incredible craft and care into helping you deliver the best results for your Clients. VaultMe is designed to eliminate migration mayhem.

Advanced Admin Controls

Go beyond the capabilities available to individual account users with more powerful features and configurations only available to SysAdmins.

Manage multiple Clients

Easily manage all your Clients and their various systems, domains, and End Users in their own sandboxes.

Flexible billing

Separate billing available for your various Clients, enabling you to invoice each independently.

Roadmap previews

Peak into our new innovations and provide feedback as we actively expand our automated capabilities.

Support when you need It

Our team is here for you. We respond quickly to emails and are happy to arrange calls to help you succeed.

Are you able to support more Clients?
Become a VaultMe Migration Partner

We're cloud automation specialists, not outsourced IT consultants. We refer our business customers to VaultMe Migration Partners when they need help in the many areas of IT work that VaultMe doesn't cover, such as internal network support, end user device configuration, administration of G Suite or Microsoft 365, and more. Inform us during setup if you're interested.


Migration superpowers for SysAdmins

Manage user migrations within and across multiple domains and online services. Massively reduce downtime and improve productivity for business-class migrations.

VaultMe for Admins

Leverage advanced and batch migration options only available to Systems Administrators.
Migration Fee per User Account Migrated
Plus Data Fees:
$0.20 per GB migrated and
$0.20 per 1,000 items migrated

Sync-Up Migrations

Update destination accounts with synchronized changes to emails, files, and more since a previous migration.
Migration Fee per User Account Sync-Up
Plus Data Fees:
$0.20 per GB migrated and
$0.20 per 1,000 items migrated

Managed Migrations

We'll do the work for you.
20 accounts minimum per migration.
Includes managed sync-ups.
Managed Migration Fee per User Account
Plus Data Fees:
$0.20 per GB migrated and
$0.20 per 1,000 items migrated
Try VaultMe for Admins
VautlMe for Admins
Or, connect with a Migration Pro to see if VaultMe can help your IT practice. If so, setup is quick and easy.

Got an individual End User account you need to migrate now?

With VaultMe, you can safely and quickly migrate your content between Google, Microsoft, and other email platforms with ease. VaultMe's online setup is free and only takes a minute or two. You'll be able to confirm that your email accounts work, see what content will migrate, how long the auto-migration will take, and precisely what your migration will cost.

Walk step-by-step through all options and pricing. No spam. Nothing to download. No sign-up required.
Or, learn more about Individual Account Migrations
"Successfully migrated account for a business that was selling and wanted their data but had to hand over the gmail address as it was linked to the Google My Business and everything else. Worked like a charm first go. Happy computer technician"
Jonny B.
Outsourced IT Pro
"I've spent 20yrs in IT and know my options…after learning everything I could about the company I pulled the trigger. Recommend highly and would use again."
Michael J.
Migrated to Google Workspace
"Had I listened to the Google team to use the Takeout feature, I would be manually converting files back to their Drive format since it exports as Microsoft products only, go figure. That option would have been days to do. I am so grateful I found VaultMe."
Victor P.
Migrated from Gmail to Google Workspace