Hands-down, the best migration solution for offboarding Graduates

Migrate and offboard student email accounts one-by-one or at scale. Eliminate IT help desk support calls and improve Alumni engagement. Empower your graduates to protect their content for years to come.

Don't let YOUR Graduates lose their email, schoolwork, and other content when you close their Student accounts

Your Graduates invested a lot in their education. All their work, memories, and connections are trapped in their student accounts. VaultMe helps them automagically migrate it to an Alumni account or a Personal account.

VaultMe makes it easy for your graduates to migrate their student accounts to a personal or @alumni account

Whether your students use G Suite for Education, Microsoft for Education, or both, VaultMe is fine-tuned to make it easy for every student to off-board and keep all their content from their school accounts.

VaultMe is the Best way to
Onboard Alumni

Every year, your Graduates fear losing their content. As a result, your support teams spend hours at a time helping each graduate figure out how to migrate it. And your New Alumni aren't happy. VaultMe solves this for good.

Better Alumni Engagement

Got Alumni accounts? VaultMe migrates your Graduates to them quickly.

Accelerate Offboarding

Automation plus communication. Plus an incredible user experience.

Eliminate Help Desk Calls

Graduates are fully supported through their migration by VaultMe.

No Graduates Left Behind

Every Graduate's offboarding migration status is tracked until they're all done.

VaultMe leverages machine learning, auto-scaling cloud services, precise engineering, modern user experience design, industry-leading security, and a passion for perfection.
A migration solution that simply works for graduates. Your new Alumni will thank you.

Pricing for Participating Universities

Discounts for university-wide Graduate offboarding

Eliminate offboarding help desk calls and start a great relationship with your new Alumni. VaultMe automagically migrates content from Student Accounts to Alumni or Personal Accounts.

Tell Your Graduates

Recommend VaultMe to your Graduates. Not only will it reduce help desk calls and emails, it will earn each Graduate a discount on their self-directed migration from your school's @domains.
Your Graduates will receive
10% Off
the EDU Account Migration Fee

Sponsor Your Graduates

Sponsor a portion of each Graduate's self-migration. You'll set the rules, set a dollar limit, and provide a whitelist for who qualifies. We'll take care of the rest. Each Graduate pays for any data overage that you don't sponsor.
The migrations you sponsor will receive
20% Off
the EDU Account Migration Fee
School Admins: Contact VaultMe
Admins: Contact Us
Connect with us to get a discount for your University and let your Graduates know the good news.
Are you a Student? If your school already has a discount, it will be applied automatically at checkout when you migrate your school account. Try VaultMe Now

Got an individual school account you want to migrate now?

With VaultMe, students can safely and quickly migrate their content between Google, Microsoft, or other school accounts with ease. VaultMe's online setup is free and only takes a minute or two. Students are able to confirm that their email accounts work, see what content will migrate, how long the auto-migration will take, and precisely what the migration will cost.

Walk step-by-step through all options and pricing. No spam. Nothing to download. No sign-up required.
Or, learn more about Individual Account Migrations
"I wasn't sure about using VaultMe because I had never heard about it before, but it was really fast and easy to use. I recommend it to all college seniors as a way to save your time :)"
Ruth S.
Migrated school account
"As a soon to be graduate, I knew that I my school would delete my account and I was a bit overwhelmed by the thought of having to move 1000s of my files from my school account to my personal account. VaultMe was great, because it was able to do just that, in a way that was super simple and convenient."
Natasha A.
Migrated school account
"VaultMe totally exceeded my expectations... it was super easy and convenient. I have access to old emails, contacts, and files (original and shared). The software also does it so that everything is neatly stored in sub-folders so everything keeps its original organization. I would highly recommend this software."
Evelyn V.
Migrated school files
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