Are you changing your name (and Gmail address) after getting married?

Copy your Gmail & Data to a new account that reflects your new name!

You've probably noticed Google doesn't have a magic 'change my Gmail address' button…
VaultMe rescues you!

Let's say your name is Jane Doe and your email address is, but you're getting married and taking your partner's name--let's say Jane Smith or Jane Doe-Smith.
You'll soon find out that it's impossible to simply switch your previous account to Instead, you'll have to create a new account ( and move all of your data over.
VaultMe was specifically designed to help you make a smooth transition by automatically copying the data from your account to your new account!
VaultMe is the missing magic 'copy' button. You simply sign in to both accounts, then relax while VaultMe quickly and securely copies your emails, contacts, folders, labels, calendars, docs, and files.
That's data like:
  • Contacts: Family & friends email addresses that are connected to
  • Emails: Your history of communication with everyone on
  • Photos & Files in Drive: All the important things you created and stored on
  • Calendars: All the events you planned on

VaultMe copies your data between Google accounts

Merge accounts, take a backup, or keep a personal copy!
VaultMe quickly copies all your emails (with their attachments). Plus it copies all of your email labeling and folder organization.
VaultMe copies "Owned" and "Shared with Me" Drive files, plus all your folders and labels too! Plus, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms copy over "as-is" and retain all their formatting.
VaultMe copies over every one of your contacts, including e-mail addresses and contact info. Plus, all your group labels stay in-tact!
VaultMe copies all your events into a copied Calendar so you can quickly refer back to what you did during specific time periods and look forward to being reminded of your recurring special events.

It only takes 1 minute to set up your copy

Nothing to download - it all works online
Google account icon
Sign in to the Google account you want to copy your data from
Google account icon
Sign in to the Google account you want to copy your data to
Start VaultMe & it will copy your data auto-magically!
Image of laptop showing VaultMe application sign-in screen, including a button to sign in to the source account, a button to sign in to the destination account, and a button to start the copy

Once VaultMe starts copying, you can close your browser and shut down your computer!

VaultMe software runs "in the cloud" quickly and securely

VaultMe is the easiest & fastest way to copy of ALL your data (formatted, labeled, and online)

VaultMe is smart, saves time, and works with no hassle!
Manual downloads & Google Takeout will make your head ache
VaultMe copies your stuff neatly to your other Google account
Pick up right where you left off. VaultMe preserves your folder organization, labels, all of your documents, and keeps everything online for you to access.
Google exports ZIP files full of disorganized data to your computer
You've spent years organizing your email with labels and folders, but Takeout exports '.mbox' files with all your organization removed.
VaultMe copies Docs, Sheets, Slides & Forms "as-is"
Since VaultMe simply copies all of your data to another gmail account, you won't have to worry about buying or finding any special software.
Google exports non-Google file types and can lose formatting
This means if you want to use them, you'll either need to buy or download special software, or re-upload them to a Google account.
VaultMe copies all files "shared with you"
Rest easy knowing you have copies of everything you've contributed to, even if you don't "own" the document.
Google Takeout doesn't export files "shared with you"
Google Takeout DOES NOT export files shared with you by others. Just because you can view or even edit a file doesn't mean you own it, and it won't be included if you use Takeout.
VaultMe FETCHES your data immediately, ensuring you get as much of it as possible, even if you lose access to your account
Even if you're losing access to your account soon, VaultMe fetches your emails and files at the maximum speed allowed by Google. Then it separately posts your items to your other account.
Google exports make you wait for ZIP files containing all your data to be prepared before allowing you to download them
It can take hours or days for Google Takeout to prepare your ZIP files. If you lose access to your account during this process, you'll never get your files from Takeout.

Your time and your data are worth a lot.

VaultMe is refreshingly inexpensive! Why? Because it’s precisely engineered to auto-magically copy all your Gmail, Drive files, Contacts, & Calendars (and all your folders & labels) to your other account. And it’s done without sharing any of your data with advertisers. Join the many, many thousands of people who’ve trusted VaultMe.
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"VaultMe literally saved me about 40-50 hours worth of manual labor. I can't say enough about this."

Colin D.

"Had a really good experience with the program. Very easy to use. Also, great feature that you don't have to stay on the browser while it transfers files."

Keith J.

"After trying VaultMe, I definitely see the utility and additional ease of using it. I got all of my files where they needed to be and in a quick and manageable fashion."

Marvin B.

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