Automagically migrate Microsoft, Google, and other Email accounts online

Lightning fast. Incredibly precise. Delightfully simple.

Migrate email with correct dates, times, folders, attachments, labeling, formatting, and more. Migrate Drive files, OneDrive files, Calendars, Contacts, and more between Google or Microsoft accounts.

Over 1.077 billion items migrated.
Trusted by individuals & administrators worldwide.

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Trusted by individuals, universities, businesses, and IT pros worldwide

Learn how VaultMe can work for you!

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For Individuals

Wherever you're going, bring your email & your life's work along!

Quickly & delightfully migrate your email & content from your school, personal, or other accounts. VaultMe works with hundreds of popular email accounts. Save days (or weeks) versus supposedly 'free' methods. Prevent the loss of your essential content.

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For Universities

Hands-down, the best migration solution for offboarding Graduates

Enable your students to migrate the content from their school account to their Alumni accounts or personal accounts. Eliminate IT help desk support calls and improve Alumni engagement. Empower your Graduates to offboard their student accounts without losing their valuable content.

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For IT Pros

Delight your clients with your new migration superpowers

User Onboarding: Solved. User Offboarding: Solved. Migrate your Client's user base to an entirely new email platform asap: Solved. Learn how VaultMe can propel your IT consulting practice.

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For Businesses

Enterprise-class migrations without the mayhem

Don't let migration worries stop you from improving collaboration at work. VaultMe offers advanced business migration options that eliminate chaos and guarantee the best results for your organization.

No matter your destination,
get there effortlessly with VaultMe

Automagically copy fully-organized email, attachments, labels and more between almost any online email account. Migrate Drive files, OneDrive files, Calendars, Contacts, and more between Google or Microsoft accounts. Incredibly powerful yet simple to use for individuals, organizations, and universities.

… and hundreds more!

Nothing to download, VaultMe works quickly & securely online

VaultMe leverages cutting-edge machine learning, auto-scaling cloud services, precise engineering, modern user experience design, industry-leading security, and a passion for perfection to make every migration lightning-fast and incredibly precise.

Exactly what a modern-day migration should be.

Get going with VaultMe! Setup is free and easy

With VaultMe, you can safely and quickly migrate your content between Google, Microsoft, and other email platforms with ease. VaultMe's online setup is free and only takes a minute or two. You'll be able to confirm that your email accounts work, see what content will migrate, how long the auto-migration will take, and precisely what your migration will cost.

Walk step-by-step through all options and pricing. No spam. Nothing to download. No sign-up required.
"Literally saved me about 40-50 hours worth of manual labor."
Colin D.
Administrator, Migrated faculty-member's Google account
"Brilliant service... The customer support for all the queries I had were great. I couldn't have asked for more."
Lisette B.
Migrated work account
"A beautiful and efficient way of saving all your hard work WITHOUT having to organize it."
Brianna C.
Migrated college Gmail account