Finding and understanding your copy report

Find your report here: Go to my migration progress page

Here's an example summary report:

Here's an example of the detailed report (same page as the above - scroll to the bottom):

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What's included in the report?

  1. The time and date your copy started and finished
  2. How long it took to complete your copy (if complete)
  3. Estimated time remaining for your copy to complete (if still in progress)
  4. How many items and how much data were copied
  5. Detailed information about each Google app (Gmail, Drive, Contacts, and Calendars)
  6. In the unlikely event some items were skipped, your report will include a link to a list of skipped items where you can quickly find out why each item was skipped. If available each item in the list will have a link to the file in your source account so you can manually download the item

Why are some items skipped?

If an item is skipped, it's usually for one of these reasons:

  1. Some canceled calendar events are saved by Google and are reported as 'live', but don't actually exist. If you copy your Calendars these may show up as skipped items.
  2. You have some files that Google does not support the copying of (such as “pinned locations” on Google Maps saved in your Google Drive)
  3. There was not enough room in your destination account to copy the items. When this happens, VaultMe will skip the largest files so there will be fewer items for you to download manually if you choose