Don't get trapped by Google Takeout

Most people have a fantasy that once they 'get their stuff' using Google Takeout, life will pretty much continue as before. But, if you ever want to actually use your stuff, you'll be unhappy.

Why? Well, here's what will likely happen to you if you use Takeout:

1) You'll go to Google Takeout and place an "order" for your files....

Google Takeout download your data selection window

2) Some hours (or days) later, you'll receive an email with a link, and find there are multiple zip files to download...

Google Takeout exported zip files

3) You'll download them, and open one to find it full of a jumble of smaller files which have been "converted" for use with desktop software.

The only way to open many of them is to purchase or download compatible software - and that's only if you're lucky.

Some files, like Google Forms, are simply flattened into PDFs and not usable at all…

Google Takeout unzipped file contains Microsoft-compatible files and MBox database files

4) Worse still, you'll find the different file types are distributed across multiple zip files. What a mess!

Psst: If you're like most people, you'll just stop at this point. After all, you can tell yourself, "I HAVE the data, and SOME DAY I'll sort through it all..."

Multiple Google Takeout unzipped files contain a disorganized mix of your files

5) Also, keep in mind those 'mbox' files which contain your emails aren't very useful either.

They can't be searched, referenced, forwarded, or replied to until they're imported into a mail client like Thunderbird but even then they're not accessible from anywhere except your computer...

The only way to use Google exported mbox files is to import them into a compatible mail client like Thunderbird

6) And when the day comes you want to open one of your documents, you're unfortunately in for another shock.

Once you find your carefully written essay, you'll discover most of the formatting has been destroyed…

Actual file created in Google Docs exported then opened in Microsoft Word

7) It doesn't end there. Remember that project you worked so hard to collaborate on? You know, the one you wanted to bring to your big job interview? You don't have it.

Why? It turns out you weren't the "Owner" of the document, and Takeout doesn't export "Shared with Me" documents and files...

Google Takeout does not export Shared with Me files

8) Finally, when you're on the go and really need that one email, having it stuck at home on your computer doesn't help one bit...

If you use Google Takeout as a back up your data will be NOT FOUND if you want to access it online

Use VaultMe instead of Google Takeout to save yourself and your data!

VaultMe was designed specifically to solve the Google Takeout trap by allowing you to effortlessly copy your data (even 'Shared with Me') and all of its formatting, intact and organized, to any other type of Google account (even a FREE Gmail account )

VaultMe quickly and securely backing up data from one Google account to another

Just sign in to your old account and any other Google account, then relax while VaultMe does the rest!

Yes, it's that easy!