How to Transfer Gmail Emails to Another Gmail Account

If you are looking for a way to transfer your Gmail email to another account, you will find everything you need to know in this article. This guide will explain the difference between the two methods of migrating Gmail emails and provide step-by-step instructions for each.

Some common reasons for migrating an old Gmail email account to a new Gmail account include the following:

  • You want to move away from your old Gmail address and use a new one while keeping the email history.
  • You have changed your name and want to set up a new Gmail account to reflect this change, but don't want to lose your old emails.
  • Your business is going through organizational changes, and you need to migrate emails from one domain in Gmail to another domain in Gmail.
  • You have decided to switch from a personal Gmail account to a Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) business account.

The task of moving emails from one Gmail account to another can be approached differently. We will walk you through the options available in 2023.

The following topics will be covered in this article:

The choice of a migration method depends on how much time and effort you are prepared to put into transferring your content and how important your email history is to you.

If you want to keep your label structure and get the job done quickly and precisely, you should consider using a reliable automated tool that will migrate the Gmail email for you. This is also a preferred option if you have no special knowledge and don't want to install additional software on your computer.

If you don't mind investing a couple of days into the process and know how to fix things if anything goes wrong, you can explore the manual method.

VaultMe is an online automated tool for migrating email. It is a preferred choice for migrating Gmail emails between accounts because it provides fast and accurate results. With VaultMe, migrating between Gmail accounts is as simple as it gets.

Schematic representation of Gmail to Gmail migrations using VaultMe
Migrating from one Gmail account to another automatically using VaultMe

Here are just a few of VaultMe's benefits:

  • VaultMe saves the structure of the copied account and retains email formatting, attachments, dates, read/unread status
  • The app is fully automated (no manual work and no special knowledge are required)
  • VaultMe works online so you can close the browser while the app is doing its job
  • The setup is quick with easy-to-follow instructions

In addition to emails, VaultMe can copy your Drive files, calendars, and contacts to another Gmail account. VaultMe supports personal and business accounts ( Google Workspace, formerly G Suite).

To copy your emails using VaultMe, simply navigate to the app, connect your accounts, and start an automatic migration.

If you have any questions about VaultMe, please contact us at We'd be happy to help!
This method has disadvantages that will be explained below. Please consider them carefully before you begin.

To copy your Gmail emails to another Gmail manually, first, install an email application such as Thunderbird (free) on your computer.

Here's how to transfer your Gmail to another Gmail manually:

  1. Export your emails from the old account using Google Takeout.
    1. Navigate to the Google Takeout page to request your email archive.
    2. Click "Deselect All," then tick "Mail" to include only emails in your export, and click the "Next" button at the bottom of the page.
      The menu for including Gmail in a Google Takeout export
      How to include Gmail in a Google Takeout export
    3. Select "Send download link via email."
    4. Select "Export once," ".zip," and the preferred size of the file. If the size of the archive exceeds the selected size, Google Takeout will create multiple files, so it's recommended to select 50GB even if your archive is smaller.
    5. Click "Create export."
    6. Wait for your archive to be generated and sent to you by email.
      The menu showing the progress of a Google Takeout export
      Getting a Google Takeout Archive
    7. Download the .mbox file(s) to your computer.
  2. Import your emails into the new account using an email app.

    If you are using Thunderbird, you will need to additionally install the "ImportExportTools" add-on before you proceed. Once it's installed, restart the app and proceed to the next step.

    To import your archive:

    1. Make sure your new Gmail account is connected to the app and can send and receive mail.
    2. Select "Import."
    3. Choose your downloaded .mbox file.
    4. Wait for the emails to upload to the app. Remember that this may take hours and sometimes days

Before you manually copy your Gmail email to another Gmail account, consider the following:

  • Your label organization may be affected by the manual transfer.
  • For a temporary copy of your email archive, the desktop email program will require hard disk storage. Before you begin, make sure your computer has adequate free storage space.
  • If you have a large number of emails and labels in your Gmail account, the synchronization process may take many days or even weeks. This method is not recommended for accounts with over 10,000 items or 10 GB of storage, but even small accounts may take several days to sync.
  • Your computer will have to stay on during the copying process. Any interruptions in the power supply or Internet connection may affect the accuracy of results. Moving emails from one account to the other may also slow down the work of your computer.
  1. How can I migrate emails from one domain in Gmail to another domain in Gmail?

    Once you've set up a new Google Workspace account for your new domain, you can migrate your emails either automatically using a third-party migration tool like VaultMe or manually using a desktop email application like Outlook or Thunderbird. Alternatively, you can use Google's native migration tool, but remember that it has its limitations.

  2. How can I transfer Gmail folders together with emails?

    If you decide to migrate your Gmail data using VaultMe, you will be able to transfer email messages together with their label structure, formatting, attachments, read/unread status, and dates. The manual method is less precise and may cause partial data loss.

  3. Can I transfer emails from one Gmail account to another on a mobile device?

    This would only be possible if you use an automated migration tool that works in a cloud (such as VaultMe). The manual method involves installing an email application on your computer.

Since it is not possible to change an email address associated with a Gmail account in the majority of cases, when a Gmail user wants to switch to a new email address, they need to copy all of their old emails to the new account. This can be achieved either with the help of automated migration software or manually.

Moving email from one Gmail account to another manually may be appropriate in certain circumstances (i.e. a small account, few labels, unlimited time), but, due to a large number of limitations, it cannot be recommended as a preferred option for everyone. Therefore, the automated option should be considered as a primary migration method.