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Copy your Dartmouth Gmail, Drive, Contacts & Calendars before your Dartmouth account is deleted

Lightning fast. Incredibly precise. Delightfully simple.

Migrate email with the correct dates, times, folders, attachments, labeling, formatting, and more. Migrate Drive files, Calendars, Contacts, and more. Copy to personal Gmail/Drive, Outlook/OneDrive, or other Google or Microsoft accounts.

Trusted at 1,000+ EDUs worldwide

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VaultMe makes copying your content to another account easy!

It only takes a minute to set up online.
Monitor progress in real-time. No software to download.

Migrate all your email quickly, with none of the typical frustrations

Your email account is full of vital information about your life and work: your connections, projects, memories, purchase receipts, account sign-ups, and more. VaultMe migrates your email with precision, enabling you to move forward in life without losing any of your essential information.

Migrate every email and all attachments with perfect formatting

VaultMe preserves the exact dates, times, attachments, and content of all your email. Everything remains in its original condition and formatting so that you can read, search, and reply from your new account as normal.

Your email labels, folders, and organization remain intact

You've spent years labeling and organizing email into various folders. VaultMe keeps everything categorized as it was, and prevents you from losing all your hard work.

No matter the source or destination, VaultMe will migrate you automagically

We crafted VaultMe to work seamlessly with hundreds of email providers so you can safely migrate your content. Get going with VaultMe!

Migrate your documents, files, contacts, and calendars with precision

Easily migrate files, contacts, and calendars between two Google accounts, two Microsoft accounts, or between Google and Microsoft.

Migrate all your files with proper formatting and folder organization

Surprised by how many documents, files, and folders you've built up in your online account? With VaultMe, it's easier than ever to bring them with you. VaultMe has been tuned to put all your folders in the right place and maintain detailed file formatting so you can access and continue your work from your new account.

Don't forget your files and folders "Shared with Me"

If you're using Google or Microsoft, a lot of your work could be stored in documents, files, and folders marked "Shared with Me." Use VaultMe to make sure you get those files too. Other migration methods leave all this work behind.

Migrate native Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms from one Google account to another

Rather than exporting your Google Docs to Microsoft Word, Google Sheets to Microsoft Excel, Google Slides to Microsoft Powerpoint, and Google Forms to PDF (like other methods of migration do), VaultMe will automagically migrate native Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms to another Google account with original formatting so you can continue right where you left off.

Stay fully connected with your contacts

VaultMe migrates your contacts along with their supporting information. And if you're using contact groups, VaultMe will properly organize your contacts just as you did.

Migrate your calendars with ease, loaded with essential information

Your calendar likely contains important information that's nowhere else to be found. VaultMe copies your calendar, your events, and each event's content so you can easily keep track of time from your new account.

Finely tuned no matter how you migrate between Microsoft and Google

VaultMe smoothly migrates Gmail accounts, G Suite for Education, Google Workspace,, Microsoft 365 for Education, and Microsoft 365 for Business. You can count on VaultMe to deliver the results you want, no matter your source or destination.

Precisely engineered to prevent you from losing your valuable content

You've got a lot of important content to protect. VaultMe is precisely engineered for speed and perfection so you get the results you expect. Save your time. Save your content. Keep your important information secure.


Hundreds of automated services run in parallel to supercharge your migration.

Real-time Progress

Delightfully simple progress bars for each type of content you migrate.

Track Every Item

Every email, attachment, folder, label, file, contact, calendar event…

Everything Stays Organized

You spent a lot of time arranging your content. VaultMe migrates that too.

Ultra-Secure & Private

Industry-leading security and bank-level encryption ensure that your sensitive information stays safe and private.

Support, if you need it

In the rare case you need it, a real human will resolve your questions.

How It Works

It only takes a minute to set up your migration - it all works online


Quickly set up your auto-migration

In a few simple online steps, you can set up your migration and double-check that VaultMe will work with your accounts. Helpful content adapts to your accounts so you'll understand exactly how your migration will work.


Decide what content to copy

You decide what content will migrate. Based on your choices, you'll see how long your VaultMe auto-migration will take and precisely what it will cost before you pay.


Pay and migrate with delight

Once you pay, your auto-migration starts working immediately. Watch its progress online or close your device. Hundreds of secure automated processes work quickly and safely. When complete, you'll get an auto-email and item-by-item report.

Pricing for EDU Account Migrations

Your time is precious.
Your content is priceless.

VaultMe is refreshingly inexpensive! It's precisely engineered to automagically copy your fully-organized content to your other account. VaultMe employs industry-leading security practices, doesn't hold on to your content, and will never ever sell or provide your information to advertisers.

Dartmouth New Grads
Dartmouth sponsors one EDU account migration fee for New Grads migrating from an eligible account
EDU Account Migration Fee
Plus Data Fees:
$0.20 per GB migrated and
$0.20 per 1,000 items migrated
Not a New Grad?
10 %
for Dartmouth
will be auto-applied
at checkout
Try VaultMe for Dartmouth
VaultMe for Dartmouth
The appropriate discount will auto-applied at checkout for migrations from a Dartmouth email address.
Nothing to download - VaultMe works in your browser


What does Dartmouth recommend I do with my personal data when I leave?

For more information about what Dartmouth Services recommends, see their helpful Graduating Students article

Why VaultMe?

1) What is VaultMe?

VaultMe is an easy-to-use, automated online account migration service. VaultMe automagically copies email, files, contacts, calendars, and more from one online account to another.

2) How should I use VaultMe?

VaultMe works for individuals as well as organizations. You can use VaultMe to migrate or back up your content from hundreds of internet-connected accounts to another account you control.

For example, you can use VaultMe to copy content from a Google account (Gmail / Drive / Contacts / Calendars) to a Microsoft account (Outlook / OneDrive / Contacts / Calendars). Or you can migrate between many other combinations of accounts, including between accounts from the same email provider (i.e., Google to Google, or Microsoft to Microsoft).

3) When do individuals use VaultMe?

Individuals around the world use VaultMe to migrate their content from one online account to another:

  • Upon graduating from school (to keep their schoolwork, history, and connections)
  • Upon changing their name and email address (after marriage, divorce, or preference)
  • To switch from one account provider to another (i.e., AOL to Gmail, Yahoo to Microsoft)
  • Upon changing jobs
  • To merge multiple accounts into one account

4) When do organizations use VaultMe?

Businesses, universities, and IT professionals around the world use VaultMe:

  • To switch to a more preferred email & online collaboration system (e.g., Google Workspace, Microsoft 365)
  • To offboard users (such as offboarding student accounts after graduation)
  • To migrate content and stop paying for suspended accounts after employees depart

5) What makes VaultMe different?

VaultMe leverages modern user experience design, machine learning, auto-scaling cloud services, industry-leading security, and precise engineering to ensure the safest and most delightful migration experience possible.

6) Why should I use VaultMe?

Use VaultMe to be sure your content and data migrate wholly and safely. And, if time matters to you, using VaultMe will take 99% less time than doing it on your own.

VaultMe virtually eliminates the problems most people experience when migrating online accounts (and we continue to innovate).

  • It only takes a minute to set up and start a VaultMe migration. And during migration, VaultMe's automated online systems work continually at maximum speed to finish the job.
  • Your copied data will be formatted, organized, and labeled in your destination account like it is in your source account.
  • Rather than being exported, downloaded, and trapped on one device, your content remains accessible online from your destination account so that you can get to it from any internet-connected device.
  • VaultMe automatically inventories every item of data involved in your migration and presents you with easy-to-read summaries and reports so that you will know precisely how your migration went.

7) Why shouldn't I migrate my data myself for free?

Exporting or migrating your content for 'free' may cost you a whole lot more than using VaultMe. Here's why:

VaultMe virtually eliminates the problems most people experience when migrating online accounts (and we continue to innovate).

  • It can take you days or weeks of painstaking effort and retries to do it for 'free' (we receive horror stories all the time from users who wish they found VaultMe before they used Google Takeout or manually tried to move data on their own.)
  • People commonly lose data.
  • You'll find it impossible to verify that you migrated all your essential content.
  • Nobody will be there to support you when things go wrong with 'free' methods (and things often go wrong with the supposedly 'free' methods).

If your content and time are precious to you, we highly recommend VaultMe. Yes, we're biased because we'd like you to use VaultMe. But we're also constantly innovating to ensure that VaultMe won't let you down. And a real human will respond if ever necessary.

How does VaultMe Work?

8) Do I have to download software or an app to use VaultMe?

No, VaultMe works entirely online. Once you start a migration, you have the option of watching delightfully online as VaultMe's progress bars speed forward. Or you can close your browser, turn off your device, and wait for VaultMe to send you the auto-email informing you that your migration is complete.

9) Does VaultMe work with MY email account provider?

VaultMe works with almost any online email account and finely-tuned for popular account providers like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, and more.

If you can access your email from your internet-connected device, then VaultMe can probably migrate your content from or to that account. You can quickly and safely determine what you can migrate from each account by trying VaultMe online.

10) What content can VaultMe migrate?

VaultMe migrates a lot of different content. You can use VaultMe to migrate email (along with all attachments, dates, times, and label/folder organization) from nearly any online email account. You can also use VaultMe to migrate documents, files, calendars, contacts, and more from a Google or Microsoft account. VaultMe ensures everything you migrate is fully-organized and ready-to-use from your destination account.

To discover all the details on how each type of content migrates between your specific accounts, take a minute to set up a migration (it's free to set up!) and read through the help links that appear within the online migration setup. Because VaultMe works with so many different types of accounts, we made sure VaultMe's help guides adapt specifically to the choices you make.

11) How does VaultMe protect my data?

We invest great effort and expense to implement industry-leading security measures to protect our customers' data. And we don't make any data available to advertisers. We take every feasible action to ensure that your information remains private and secure.

Before VaultMe, our founding team developed leading banking software widely adopted by many U.S. public banks. "Security-first" is in our DNA. For that reason, we've drafted up a full page on security to expand on this topic and provide further comfort to our customers.

12) How long will my migration take?

Before you purchase a migration, VaultMe will auto-display to you a time estimate once you connect VaultMe to your online accounts and select the data you want to migrate.

VaultMe works as fast as technically possible and maximizes each email account provider's limits. VaultMe uses mass-scale automated systems to supercharge your migrations. Our teams have spent over six years crafting (and refining) batching, throttling, multi-threading, and many other types of algorithmic methods to push the limits allowed by each email account provider.

Because VaultMe migrates between many different types of collaborative email service providers, and each service provider has different rules, VaultMe's systems are continually learning how to optimize for the fastest speed possible.

How does payment work?

13) When do I pay for VaultMe?

We don't believe in charging customers before they fully explore what will happen in each migration. So you won't be asked to pay until after you set up a migration, which occurs:

  1. After you connect the accounts you want to migrate,
  2. After VaultMe scans your accounts to make sure everything will work,
  3. After you choose the migration options you want,
  4. After you learn how VaultMe will handle each type of data,
  5. After you see precisely how much data you will be migrating between your accounts,
  6. After you see how long the migration will take,
  7. After you see how much the migration will cost based on the type of account, options you chose, and the amount of data you'll migrate,
  8. And after you make the mental decision to proceed with the migration

14) What are my payment options?

VaultMe currently accepts all of the following payment options:

  • Paypal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover (for U.S. residents only)
  • ACH (for enterprise customers only)

More options are on their way soon. Contact us if there's a specific payment option you'd prefer.

15) Can I get a refund?

Yes, you can. We obsess over VaultMe to provide you real value. If for any reason VaultMe fails to perform for you, please contact within 14 days of your migration completing, and we'll work with you to resolve the issue or give you a refund.

Sometimes we gift partial refunds as a courtesy when a customer helps us improve our service. So please reach out to us with your suggestions. We appreciate all the feedback as we progress in our mission to help people and organizations preserve their essential content and connections.

Leave Dartmouth with no regrets.

Get going with VaultMe and preserve your content for life.
Try VaultMe for Dartmouth
VaultMe for Dartmouth
The appropriate discount will auto-applied at checkout for migrations from a Dartmouth email address.
Nothing to download - VaultMe works in your browser
"I wasn't sure about using VaultMe because I had never heard about it before, but it was really fast and easy to use. I recommend it to all college seniors as a way to save your time :)"
Ruth S.
Migrated school account
"As a soon to be graduate, I knew that I my school would delete my account and I was a bit overwhelmed by the thought of having to move 1000s of my files from my school account to my personal account. VaultMe was great, because it was able to do just that, in a way that was super simple and convenient."
Natasha A.
Migrated school account
"VaultMe totally exceeded my expectations... it was super easy and convenient. I have access to old emails, contacts, and files (original and shared). The software also does it so that everything is neatly stored in sub-folders so everything keeps its original organization. I would highly recommend this software."
Evelyn V.
Migrated school files
School Accounts School Accounts