Help your graduating child save school work, email & memories from their school account before it's deleted

Your child has a LOT stored in their online school account

VaultMe meticulously copies ALL of your child's Student Google account data into their Personal Google account …and it only takes a minute to set up!
Google Contacts Icon
(your connections)
Think about all those contacts you made…
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Docs, Sheets, Files
(your work)
All of your presentations, spreadsheets, research…
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(your conversations)
All those conversations and helpful email attachments…
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(your history)
All those important events you scheduled…

Don't let your child get trapped by these fallacies

"Oh, I don't need my data"
Students don't realize how valuable their work is to their future

"I'll just export it myself"
It's so tedious and so much more 'expensive' to do it yourself
(that's why we made VaultMe!)

"I'll copy it later"
Not if the account gets deleted, you won't

Graduates who keep their school data are much better equipped for the future!

They'll build on it in future work

They'll showcase it for future jobs/projects

They'll use it to maintain connections

It only takes 1 minute to set up your copy

Nothing to download - it all works online
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Sign in to the Google account you want to copy your data from
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Sign in to the Google account you want to copy your data to
Start VaultMe & it will copy your data auto-magically!
Image of laptop showing VaultMe application sign-in screen, including a button to sign in to the source account, a button to sign in to the destination account, and a button to start the copy