Why is my source account email address used as a label / folder?

Don't worry, it's there for a reason!

Once your copy is complete, you'll receive a "Copy Complete!" email from VaultMe explaining that your copied items can generally be found 'under' a label or folder with the name of your source account email address.

There are several reasons VaultMe organizes your data this way and doesn’t “merge” your data from your source account into the same folders/groups in your destination account:

  • So you know where it came from! If VaultMe 'mixed' all of your emails and files together, it might be more difficult to figure out how they got there - especially if you're copying data from more than one source account.
  • Easy verification that everything was properly copied from the source. See how to find your emails
  • Provides a consistent "tag" to help you find copied items in your Gmail, Drive, Contacts, and Calendars.
  • Leaves the option of simply changing the name of the Copy Label / Copy Folder to something like “Old Work Emails” to keep everything separate (we recommend this).
  • Much easier to “undo” a copy if it was made in error.
  • Google doesn’t provide a method (API) for moving “special” emails like Drafts and Sent Mail to the destination folders of the same name. However, you can move these special emails manually.