What to do (and not to do) while your data is copying

What you can do while you wait for your copy to complete

  1. Relax! VaultMe is doing the work for you. You can close your browser window, turn off your computer, or eat a sandwich… VaultMe runs “in the cloud” and it doesn’t need any of your devices turned on for it to work!
  2. Or, go ahead and keep your browser open if you’d like and watch VaultMe’s progress as it copies data from your source account and then uploads the copies into your destination account.
  3. You can work almost-as-normal in your Destination Account... check email, send email, edit documents, share documents, create new contacts, update your calendar, etc!

What you should avoid doing while your copy is in progress

  1. It's simple: While your copy is in progress, do not rename, delete, move, or otherwise modify any Gmail labels, Drive folders, Calendars, or Contact groups in either the source or destination accounts.
    (Note: Modifying these won't stop your items from being copied, but it may affect their organization in your destination account)
  2. Once you receive the "Copy Complete!" email from VaultMe, your labels, folders, calendars, and contact groups can be changed however you'd like. Here's how to update the label in Gmail