How to find your fully-labeled Gmail emails copied into your destination account

Did you know?

When VaultMe makes a copy of your source account’s emails, it first creates a Copy Label (Folder) at the “Top Level” of your destination account named after your source account email address.

Then, as closely as possible, VaultMe creates a full duplicate of the labels and email conversations in your source account and “nests” them under the Copy Label in your destination account as illustrated below.

Steps to find your copied emails

  1. Wait until your migration is complete. You will know it’s complete when you receive the “Migration Complete!” email from VaultMe (sent to your destination account).
  2. Go to and log in to your destination account
  3. In the left hand navigation, find the label matching your source account email address and click on the ▸ 'expand label' arrow on the left side of the label.
  4. Nested under the new label, you will find a re-creation of the labels (folders) and sub-labels from your source account. Simply click any of the labels to display the emails with that label!
    Note: As normal for Gmail, the number displayed next to each folder is the number of UNREAD emails contained in that folder, not the total number of emails.

Why is my email under a Copy Label?

There are several reasons VaultMe creates a label for your copied emails and doesn’t “merge” them from your source account into the same labels in your destination account:

  • Easy verification that everything was properly copied from the source.
  • Leaves the option of simply changing the name of that label to something like “Old Work Emails” to keep everything separate (we recommend this).
  • Much easier to “undo” a copy if it was made in error.
  • Google doesn’t provide a method (API) for moving “special” emails like Drafts and Sent Mail to the destination folders of the same name. However, you can move these special emails manually.