How to Check the Size of the "Shared with me" Folder in Google Drive

If you are switching from one Google Drive to another and want to move not only the files that you own but also the files in the "Shared with me" folder, you may need to take some additional steps before you migrate.

If you've tried checking the size of the "Shared with me" folder in Google Drive, you've probably already realized that Google does not display it. But knowing how much storage shared documents will be taking is crucial.

This article explains why you should know the size of your "Shared with me" folder if you're planning to change accounts and how you can check it.

In this article:

No, the "Shared with me" items do not count towards your Google Drive storage quota.

When Google indicates that you've used, let's say, 4.3 GB of Drive space, you may assume that this includes all files in your account. But this number actually includes only the files in "My Drive." Shared files are stored in your collaborators' Drives and do not take up space in your account.

Storage used in My Drive
How to check storage use in Google Drive

But when you migrate "Shared with me" files and folders, either manually or automatically, you become the owner of the copies. These copies will be taking up storage space in your Drive. This may cause you to underestimate how much storage space you will need for the copy of your Google Drive account. This is why knowing the full size of your Google Drive before the migration is important.

If you are copying your files from one Google Drive to another manually, there is no way of checking online how much storage space the "Shared with me" documents will be taking after they are copied. The only workaround would be to download all "Shared with me" files and folders, unzip the archives, and check their total size on a computer.

But if you are migrating your files automatically using VaultMe, no manual work will be involved. The app will run a quick scan of your drives to determine if you have enough storage space for a copy of your account.

This way you will be able to buy additional storage in case your new account does not have enough free storage space for a copy of your old Google Drive.

Pros of the automatic migration:

  • Saves the folder structure of the copied account
  • Copies owned and shared files as well as shared drives
  • Can also copy email, contacts, and calendars
  • Requires no technical knowledge
  • Works online in a browser (no software to install)
  • Quick, secure, and reliable
  • Has great reviews!

Cons of the automatic process:

  • Paid service (but the "free" manual process can cost you more)
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  1. Does removing shared files free up space?

    No, shared files do not take up space in "My Drive." To free up space, delete items in "My Drive."

  2. How do I see the size of a shared file in Google Drive?

    Right-click on the file, select "File information" > "Details", then scroll down to see "File details." Note that this can only be done for files, not folders. The size of a shared folder is not displayed to the person it is shared with.